Salvator Xuereb

Salvator Xuereb


Salvator Xuereb’s mantra is "take care of the client the way you would want an to take care of you” which is why he and Emmanuel Xuereb, his brother & partner, only have 5 Star reviews online. Common themes and quotes from client reviews are: “Found my dream,” “there isn’t a better team out there,” “ my home for more,” “recommend to friends,” “making my life hassle-free…"

Salvator Xuereb was born in NYC. His parents were both French and in the glamorous NYC fashion world of the 60's and 70's. Salvator grew up between New York City and France, exposing him to equal parts of both cultures. After a short stint at NYU, Salvator dove into acting. He has since had a successful thirty-year acting career, "but who’s counting..." he jokes. You can find his great sense of humor in the very funny Charles Schwab commercial campaign running over the past few years where he plays “Carl” the curmudgeonly stockbroker. Salvator was inspired to join his twin brother in Real Estate where he has been working over the past five years to help people successfully sell their homes and buy their dream homes. You'll find him in and around Los Feliz, Hollywood, Toluca Lake, and Burbank with his two children. Additionally, you might find Salvator MCing Parent Association events at LILA, his children’s French American School. Salvator with his brother, Emmanuel, are proud to have fostered and adopted two brothers Justin and Jonathan almost twenty years ago who are now in their late twenties and also living in Los Angeles. Salvator looks forward to working with you to help you find your place in Los Angeles.

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