Emmanuel Xuereb

Emmanuel Xuereb


Emmanuel's main goal is to make the home buying process an easy and enjoyable experience and create a space where his clients can trust that he will lead them with only their best interests at heart. Integrity, trust, and passion are the foundation of his career, which is what drives him to negotiate so effectively for his clients. He's known for surprising his clients with more than what they expected. Emmanuel notes, "I love when my clients cannot believe what we were able to get them... It's simple for me, I look at it as if I were buying the home for myself," and adds, "I felt I had to create a team to take great care of our clients, which is how our team was born. And how else could I replicate myself, then to turn to... my twin brother, Salvator..." He laughs gregariously.

Emmanuel began in Real Estate in his hometown of New York City in his early 20's while he was training as an actor. As his career as an actor grew his work took him to Los Angeles, where he also wrote and produced small projects, and had the good fortune of meeting many people in the entertainment industry. Through his contacts and interest, opportunity brought him back into Real Estate here in Los Angeles. “I remember in New York saying…I will always be in Real Estate…” Emmanuel ponders. "I loved it then and I still do now. Close to 30 years later and it's still my passion. It's fascinating, really. I would love to see everyone be able to own their own home."

Emmanuel has gotten to know Los Angeles very well by living in many areas, from the top of Nichols Canyon to Beverly Hills, Valley Village, West Hollywood, Los Feliz and now resides in Beachwood Canyon, where he lives with his British Fiancée Claire, who also works on his team. Emmanuel and his twin brother have been supporters of the foster care system and even fostered and adopted separately two inner-city teenage brothers who are now 29 and 30 years old. Emmanuel is French-American, loves to travel, hike around Griffith Park, enjoys surfing, and taking advantage of the amazing culture Los Angeles has to offer. You might find him dragging his Fiancée Claire kicking and screaming to the Los Angeles Opera or the great Museums around town. He also enjoys connecting people and promoting local culture with his Newsletters and blogs.

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